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N.W. Martin

Our mission here at N.W. Martin is to roof at the highest level of professionalism and workmanship for our customers to ensure complete satisfaction in all areas of roofing.

N.W. Martin Office

The Quality of Our Roofing, Reflects Who We Are

Precision. Punctuality. Commitment to excellence.

N. W. Martin Roofing has been operating as a commercial roofing and sheet metal contractor in Central Virginia since 1906. The business was incorporated in 1948. The typical service area is within an 80 mile radius of Richmond, VA.


​The principal business of the company is commercial roof repair, roof restoration, roof coating, roof recovery and installation of new roofs.  N.W. Martin is engaged in commercial, industrial, governmental, institutional, and select residential projects.  N.W. Martin has been a member of the National Roofing Contractors Association since 1953.  It is also a member of Virginia Association of Roofing Professionals and the Association of General Contractors. The company has been recognized by Carlisle as being in the top 5% of applicators nationally for quality and service.

Located just north of downtown Richmond at 1531 St. James Street, N.W. Martin has a fully equipped sheet metal shop, including welding capabilities, and a 30,000 square foot office and warehouse. The office and warehouse are conveniently located to Interstates 95 and 64.

The firm employs projects managers, field superintendent, roofing mechanic, repair specialists, and sheet metal mechanic. Current projects include schools, churches, museums, commercial properties, and select residences. NW Martin installs many different types of roofs, but is particularly well known for high profile projects, including historical restorations. Projects which combine several different types of roofing are typical. The sheet metal shop is open to all customers, and there is a small retail material and salvage operation on the premises as well.


The company employs 15 roof mechanics. Each has been with the company more than 5 years and in roofing over 10 years. Everyone on our crew is extremally qualified and filled with experience leaving them consistently ready to work


Many of the employees have worked at N.W. Martin for an excess of ten years giving us the experience you need from your roofer. Everyone apart of the company makes sure our customers are getting the best service possible.


The N.W Martin sheet metal shop is open to all customers that are in need of any metal work. Our sheet metal shop mechanics have been with the company over 15 years giving our customers the best of service.
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Fully Licensed & Certified

Metal Shop and Office

N,W, Martin has one of the biggest sheet metal shops in the Central, Virginia area. We have a great amount of materials and services to offer to all our customers! Contact us now to find what your looking for!

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N.W. Martin Shop
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